Lil Toast Neck Pillow


Say hello to your newest travel buddy-the LIL TOAST neck pillow! Designed by LII Toast himself, this plush pillow is just as cute as LIL TOAST himself, but It's also a champ In comfort. Ready to accompany you on any adventure, It wraps around your neck like a warm hug from a friend.

It's easy to carry, super soft, and just the right size for any journey. What's even cooler? It features a nifty snap button at the bottom to keep it snugly in place, whether you're hopping on a plane or cozying up for a road trip movie marathon.

Perfect for kids and adults who love a dash of fun, this pillow is easy to clean and tough enough for all your travel tales. Don't Just travel-travel in style with the cutest companion around. LIL Toast's neck pillow
Is a must-have for any wanderer with a playful heart!