Crocloaf Giblets Collection - 4-Pack


These giblet toppings will give flavor to any Crocloaf with our exclusive 4-pack of vibrant and CRAZY giblets, each inspired by our beloved characters:

1. **Creep Character**: The creep is such a mysterious man he always finds a way to get into the strangest places, including on a pair of crocloafs. The Creep Character giblet fits onto any standard Croc and will be sure to follow you everywhere you go!

2. **Llama Bean**: The Llamabean giblet is so cute and is the perfect accessory to any crocloaf !

3. **Chicken Nugget Butterfly**: do you ever open up your happy meal box and a chicken nugget butterfly floats out because same! But if not don’t worry you can get oyou v very own chicken nugget butterfly crocloaf jibblet right here!

4. **Iconic Imma Burrito**: Celebrate your inner Imma Burrito with this SUPER FUN giblet. Its detailed design and vibrant colors will go anywhere with you in your crocloafs!

Collect all four giblets in this convenient 4-pack to personalize your Crocloaf and express your unique style. Each giblet is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and a snug fit. Transform your Crocloaf with the FLAVORFUL display of this one-of-a-kind set!